If you are stuck with any issues and need help, below is a first list of Q&As that should help you solve most of the initial… issues you might find.

Welcome to the Support Section

Under are some of the common Frequently asked questions
The Database Magazine App has been tested and has gone through the Test of Apple’s approval process, but as all software and hardware should you encounter any problems, please refer to bellow before contacting Support, Thank-you.

First things to check:

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the Magazine App from the Apple App Store.

If your iPad or iPhone is set to use 12-hour format, please change it to a 24-hour format.
The App should load ok and therefore you should be able to open the magazine edition.
If you are still having issues, you will then need to read and follow the Apple’s Troubleshooting Guidelines.

For any further problems, please refer to the FAQs under. Only in the case of these not being useful, please contact us with the Support Form. Thank-you.

Q: I’m trying to subscribe to Database Magazine and I’m getting an error message (Cannot connect to iTunes)

A: Please go to the following (Settings – General – Restrictions) and make sure that in-App Purchases are switched on.

Q: Can I try Database Magazine before buying?

A: Yes, in one of two ways. The first with the Preview feature which lets you read until a certain page of the Magazine. The second option and best of all is the Free Full Trial for 7 days when you Subscribe. In this, you pay nothing for the period of the Trial and you get to read the entire Magazine in full. Once expired the 7 Days then you start to pay.

Q: How can I cancel my Database Magazine’s Active Subscription?

A: The steps for cancelling the subscription are very simple and are as follows:
Tap on the Settings Icon (of Apple iOS).
Scroll down to Store and Tap on its icon.
Then Tap on “View Apple ID”
Enter your Password
Scroll down to the Magazine Subscriptions Section
You will see listed here all your Subscriptions.
Simply Tap on the one you want to cancel (so in our case the Database Magazine)
The details of the Subscription will be viewed, and then all you need to do is Turn off the auto-renewal for it.

Q: Why isn’t there a Specific Version of Database Magazine for iPhone or for iPod Touch?

A: For the first issue of Database Magazine, we have concentrated on the iPad version of it. Of course in the following issues of Database Magazine, there will be also the Text feature versions both for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Q: Why can’t I play back the videos or audios off-line?

A: Because we have opted to privilege the reduction of size of download of Database Magazine, leaving all interactive and large media online. This is why videos and audios aren’t available in the off-line consultation. All the rest of the magazine instead works also off-line, so is perfect for having a nice read where ever you happen to be.

Q: Can I purchase singles editions of Database Magazine even without subscribing?

A: Yes, of course, you can. But the cost of the single issues is higher. It works like all subscriptions. They’re more convenient than the single purchase. Plus Subscriptions have also additional content that can’t be purchased separately.

Q: With an Active Subscription, Why can’t I access Previous editions of Database Magazine?

A: The active subscription to Database Magazine is just like a subscription to a conventional Printed magazine. Once you purchase a subscription, you start receiving current and future issues of the Database Magazine starting from when your subscription starts. It is possible though from the Magazine itself to purchase back issues, all the way to the first one published. And without the waiting times of traditional Printed Magazines. This is the great thing about NewsStand.